June 17, 2006

Pseudoseizures vs. Seizures

The title says it all:  Ictal eye closure is a reliable indicator for psychogenic nonepileptic seizures.

First, the bottom line: 

50/52 patients with pseudoseizures closed their eyes during their "seizure," while 152/156 of actual epileptics opened their eyes during their seizures.  That's a sensitivity of 96% and a specificity of 98%.  That's gold.

Now, the details: 

The authors took 234 consecutive "seizure" patients, hooked them up to video EEGs and stopped their medications.  There were 938 total ictal events in 221 patients.  52 (23%) had pseudoseizures, and 156 (70%) had eplieptic seizures.   There was a 3:1 female predominance in the pseudoseizures, no difference in epileptics.

In the epileptics, there was rhythmic eye blinking during tonic-clonic activity, and the eyes closed after theseizure was finished. 

An interesting corollary to this is when pseudoseizures occur in an actual epileptic: quoting the authors, "the simple question of eye opening or closure can help differentiate between the two types of events. One previous study found that patients with both types of events tended to have their eyes closed during PNES and open during ES.(6)"



Of course, this is isn't going to mean much to psychiatrists, apparently.

A questionnaire was put to neurologists (N=39) and psychiatrists (N=75) about the utility of video EEG in diagnosing pseudoseizures. 70% of the neurologists, but only 18% of the psychiatrists, thought that video-EEG was accurate "most of the time" in diagnosing pseudoseizures.  12% of the psychiatrists (no neurologists) said it is accurate "almost never."  (3% of the psychiatrists gave no clear response.  Why doesn't that surprise me?)


So here are some other differentiating symptoms:

In seizure patients, there is a crescendo-decrescendo quality to the spike-wave frequencies on EEG.  In pseudoseizure patients, however, the frequency is the same from beginning to end, and it comes on suddenly as if a switch was flicked.  The spike-wave on EEG is actually motion artifact, and typically runs around 4 Hz, while epileptics have frequencies that vary between 4-25 Hz.


Note differences in onset



In a study of 40 pseudoseizure vs. 40 matched normal controls,  the pseudoseizure group had more left handers, reduced strength and speed in both dominant and non-dominant hands, and reduction in the dominant hand advantage in strength and speed (i.e. both hands performed equally badly-- the dominant hand wasn't a little better.)  Interestingly and importantly, the authors did not think this was due to faking or psychological factors, but felt that it was due to actual neurologic impariment in bilateral pathways: 65% had had a closed head injury, 27% had had physical abuse, and 17% had had a history of substance abuse.  40% had an IQ less than 90!

A study in epileptics vs. pseudoseizure patients trying to determine how long after admission to a video EEG unit it takes for patients to have events (answer: 88% had it on day 1) also found that urinary incontinence, focal neurologic exams, and tongue biting were about the same in both groups.  But more epileptics had events less than one minute, and more pseudoseizures lasted > 5 minutes (and very few (13%) lasted less than one minute.)

Slightly different results were found in another study:  11/28 pseudoseizure patients had them  on day 1, but 9/28 needed an average of 5 days.  19/28 had an induced pseudoseizure to IV saline challenge within 3-7 minutes.  But still-- 3 days should be enough for most patients.

And alexithymia is of no value. It is found more often in epileptics and pseudoseizure patients equally, though still more than expected in the community. A larger, controlled trial had found a similar inability for alexithymia to differentiate: alexithymia was very common in epileptics (76%) and pseudoseizures (90%).  Thus, it is likely that alexithymia is a coping strategy, and not an independent trait.

Addendum 11/5/06: I did find an interesting (Greek) study finding an excess of seizures on full moons (34% vs. about 21% for the other phases.)   Importantly (and in contrast to suggestions by other studies) these were not pseudoseizures, because all patients were monitored.  The authors speculate either electromagnetic/gravitational effects (hey, it could happen) or an interaction between the intrinsic seizure threshold and the environment (i.e. you can change you rown threshold.)


Are psuedoseizures real? An... (Below threshold)

October 6, 2006 9:47 PM | Posted by Lisa Allred: | Reply

Are psuedoseizures real? And if so , do they require seizure medications? Can they be brought on by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

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Real? well, they really do ... (Below threshold)

October 7, 2006 4:27 PM | Posted by Alone: | Reply

Real? well, they really do shake or stare off into space. A "true" pseudoseizure is a conversion disorder: that means that there is no physical pathology (in this case, no actual electrical problems in the brain) but the patient is creating the symptoms unconsciously. In other words, they're not faking it, they think it's real. If the patient were actually faking, it wouldn't be a "pseudoseizure," it would be faking (malingering.) If the patient is conscious during the event, and realizes that it is anxiety, then that's not a pseudiseizure either-- that's anxiety.

In the "old" days, conversion disorders were spontaneously paralyzed limbs with no pathology.

In actual practice, however, most people with conversion disorder do have an inkling that the disorder isn't physical, but not enough insight to make it go away.

Some clinicians relate this to alexithymia: in inability to voice your emotions. The patient is angry, doesn't "understand" it as anger, so instead of manifesting the emotion as yelling, redness in the face, etc, they manifest it as a "seizure." Isn't the psyche great?

The treatment is to make the causes of the pseudoseizure conscious. (e.g. showing them that they really are angry, etc.) Meds don't help the pseudoseizure, they help the surrounding emotions.

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have been diagnosed with ps... (Below threshold)

October 7, 2006 5:39 PM | Posted by Redacted by admin for patient privacy: | Reply

have been diagnosed with pseudoseizures cannot find a doctor who will help or listen to me even tho it occurs in front of them i need real medical help i can smell fluid and feel fluid in head: ears ringing : 3 hole lumbar punture in 99 :brief vision loss:and ridicule by doctors when i tell them of symptoms i have my medical records showing eeg,lp,ect i am low income and need help please thank you please respond soon

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I'm very interested in thes... (Below threshold)

July 14, 2007 5:34 PM | Posted by Meredith: | Reply

I'm very interested in these results, but a bit baffled as to what they're likely to mean for my husband, who's been suffering from seizure-like events for the last year. He was placed on 60mg prednisone last August for a flareup of ulcerative colitis, which he's been dealing with for ~10 years now. Five days into the prednisone, he had a seizure-like event with eyes open (they were rolled back into his head for part of the time, but his eyes were open and blinking throughout); I'm not a medical professional, but I observed it, and it sure looked like a generalized tonic-clonic seizure to me. These events continued while he was on the prednisone, though they decreased in frequency and severity as the prednisone dosage dropped. All of them occurred with eyes open, except the ones which occurred while he was asleep. A neurologist ordered an EEG, which showed no evidence of epilepsy; the neurologist suggested he might have a conversion disorder (and had a rather dismissive attitude throughout; he seemed to think my husband was making this up).

The seizure-like events continued, though less frequently, after prednisone was discontinued. However, the flareup didn't go into remission, and he was hospitalized in February. IV salumedrol (methylprednisone) was administered while he was in the hospital; unfortunately I forget the dosage. Less than 36 hours into methylprednisone therapy, he had another seizure-like event, this one the most severe so far. It was witnessed by several nurses, and the neurologist ordered another EEG, but there was still no evidence of epileptic activity.

He hasn't yet had a video EEG (if that means a 24-hour inpatient EEG observation). During and after the February hospitalization they switched from methylprednisone to hydrocortisone, and he's off the hydrocortisone now, but these events still occur, about one a week. Very few of them are longer than a minute, and I don't think any of them have lasted longer than three minutes (the one in the hospital was the longest, IIRC). They're all eyes-open, as well.

We're rather at a loss as to what to do next, so if you can offer any suggestions, I'd be most appreciative; I've left my email address, which you're welcome to redact if you wish.

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I have had these psuedo sei... (Below threshold)

September 30, 2007 7:05 PM | Posted by kimberly: | Reply

I have had these psuedo seizures for 7 years now and at first i dismissed the idea that I was stressed. Now this is really affecting my life, somedays I can't leave my house or go out alone. Still trying to get where this is coming from and why

Alone's response: pseudoseizures don't "come" from anywhere, and especailly not stress. They are a type of reaction to things. In other words, they are less like "real" seizures and more like anger, or fear, or nervous stomach, etc. It's a way of reacting to stimuli that one can't process in another way. For example, if something bad happens to me that makes me feel helpless, my reaction might be to shoot it or someone. But another person might not have the emotional "range" to come up with anger, or despair-- so they (for example) shut down, or have a pseudoseizure. Pseudoseizure is a "conversion disorder." You don't cure it; you unlearn it. Also look up alexithymia.

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kimberly,you r so wong.Pseu... (Below threshold)

December 2, 2007 1:10 PM | Posted by pinky: | Reply

kimberly,you r so wong.Pseudoseizures is a big factor of stress.I know because i live wth these.i have seen 6 different doctors confirm that and agree that stress is a huge factor

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kimberly,you r so wong.Pseu... (Below threshold)

December 2, 2007 1:11 PM | Posted by pinky: | Reply

kimberly,you r so wong.Pseudoseizures is a big factor of stress.I know because i live wth these.i have seen 6 different doctors confirm that and agree that stress is a huge factor

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i was told i was having pse... (Below threshold)

April 4, 2008 12:26 PM | Posted by renee: | Reply

i was told i was having pseudoseizures.
they were wrong
i have POTS.
postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome
we just had to be determined. last hospital visit solved it :)
they did autonomic testing.
POTS causes tremors ( what we were calling seizures )
it causes sooo much.
read about it.
most pts with this are first diagnosed w/ some psycological problem.
Good luck to all of you

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I am 32 and have just start... (Below threshold)

December 3, 2008 1:26 PM | Posted by Diane: | Reply

I am 32 and have just started having these pseudoseizures. My whole body hurts when I have these. I do get upset and now I am starting to forget things leading up to the seizure. The right part of my head hurts and it is scary. An interesting thing is I am left handed

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my psedudoseuzures usually ... (Below threshold)

July 19, 2009 7:41 AM | Posted, in reply to Diane's comment, by Anonymous: | Reply

my psedudoseuzures usually start the same way each time. I will go for a while with head hurting. my head never hurts usually. Also real stressed out but im on med for that and it has helped real well i recently went thru surgery and did not take my med the morning before cause i would be receveing something at the hospital and i was afraid that i would receve too much. my bad they could have fixed it i just didnt tell them cause i thught they wdould thought i had 2 heads. i went into a sezure right after surgery. I do want to say, I have been treated so badly when you even mention the word psedusosuzures. you are faking it they are so wrong i cant control it i have got to the point to where i can tell when it is comeing on sometimes, This is what happens to me my head hurts the blood vessels in my head pop out this might happen a day or 2 before , I get the feeling like i dont know where im at , blank stare and cant talk but can hear every thing that is where i get hurt, and hear what everyone is saying about me afterwards I have to use the bathroom urnate so meany timesa after the whole thing is over. I also jerk and usually my eyes and right or left side of my body and arms if it is real bad my whole body will jerk my head realy hard. Im sorry this is for real and too all the good people that never hurt anyone except there self i feel for you the medical feild that i delt with you are a only feeling sorry for you self and give you a plecebo to fake you well that doesnt work just make you fell not well at all

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i have both complex partial... (Below threshold)

August 6, 2009 3:24 PM | Posted by tina: | Reply

i have both complex partial seizures and pseudoseizures and as far as the way they happen it is the same the differance to tell what is what is the doctors notice my eyes and my feet movement.I am taking 3 seizures meds and have gotten better control of my cp seizures however if I start with a pseudoseizure I will more than likley move into a cp seizure. That is what makes it hard to get everything under control.

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pseudoseizures are pysical,... (Below threshold)

August 25, 2009 12:16 AM | Posted by Elizabeth: | Reply

pseudoseizures are pysical, and this should not be discounted. The pain and involuntary movement is the same, wheather it is a pseudo or epileptic seziure. Patients with pseudoseizures are more commonly awake for them. Therefore you could say the event is more tramatic. Yes epileptic seizures are tramatic but the patients normally don't remember the event. Telling a patient that has pseudosiezures that they are not real does not help. Since they are a physical manifestation. Therfore they are physical, and are seizures!!

Does anyone else find this problem? people dicounting they are real?

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My 17 year old daughter was... (Below threshold)

August 31, 2009 11:19 PM | Posted by Steve: | Reply

My 17 year old daughter was diagnosed with pseudoseizures after a video EEG confirmed that what she was experiencing was not an epileptic event. This happened in early June after experiencing them for the first time 3 consecutive evenings. It started as uncontrollable full body tics which we assumed were related to Tourettes which she was diagnosed with a few years ago. The TS diagnosis never seemed quite right to me since the tics she started having came very suddenly with no prior history and she did not ever have vocal tics. The seizures have continued now for almost 3 months and have ranged from occuring several days in a row, to 3-4 weeks apart, to now multiple times per day over the last 2 weeks. She is not conscious once the attack starts and they now only last a few minutes, but typically she will wake up and have another couple within another minute or so. Lately, she has woken up confused and disoriented. I am frustrated with the treatment she is getting, but not sure where to turn for an expert in this area. She is getting ready to enter her last year in hight school and looking forward to college next year, so this is certainly adding more stress to the situation. Thanks for any advise.

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My friend is in the hospita... (Below threshold)

October 4, 2009 8:32 PM | Posted, in reply to Elizabeth's comment, by Jennifer: | Reply

My friend is in the hospital right now for seizures--I just started reading up on pseudoseizures and it fits her to a tee!! The neurologist came in, did an EEG, did not find any activity, asked me if she had trauma in her life-ie:being molested, beaten, raped.....When I said yes, He said, "Oh-well she's not having seizures, I'm going to discharge her."!!! As I was wheeling her---Wheeling her to my car, she started having seiures so the ER nurses brought her in and readmitted her!!! She is in tears, calling me, crying, begging me to take her home, that the nurses and staff are so rude and neglectful, then she's alone and scared and seizing--she's not allowed to get out of bed to go to the bathroom because she's on sz precautions and they are afraid she will fall and get "really hurt". She wants to leave AMA, but insurance will stick her for the bill!!--CPS even took her 3 children away!! 17 yrs old, 14 yrs old and 10 yrs old!!! She is my best friend of 20 yrs-since high school......Does anyone know a good hypnotherapist?? Possibly that contracts with medicare?? She is not faking these seizures, she needs help--her life is being torn apart.

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My problems started on May ... (Below threshold)

November 2, 2009 1:50 PM | Posted by Caroline: | Reply

My problems started on May 5th, 2009. I became very dizzy and had to leave work, the dizziness perstisted for months. During these months this is what took place. My PCP sent me to see a ENT(ear, nose & throat)specialist. They found nothing. I also had a MRI and that is when I had an 'episode'. Everything went all out of perspective, I could no longer walk, the techs did not know what to do. Then I had my appt. with a nuerologist. He took all my info and scheduled me for a EEG. The EEG came back abnormal, but 10 minutes after is when things got out of wack! Although little things did happen during the EEG, and the tech asked me what I was feeling, so I told her. After I got out of the bathroom everything got really slow. My doc and the EEG tech were down the hallway, it looked like they were 500 feet from me. The Doc asked me 'how are you feeling?' I responded with 'I don't know' and started to fall. They caught me and monitored me for 2 hours. I lost my ability to speak clearly and smoothly, for almost 4 days and the doc had said something bout anti-seizure meds. The next week I started them, instead of seeing things all warped they started to look normal slowly. Then shortly there after I ended up having a huge 'episode' that lasted for hours. Prior to that I was at Hospice cause my Grammie was dying, and I was waiting to get ready for church, and was sitting in a rocking chair, then it started, I started shaking all over and could not stop, the nurses called the Doc that was there, he stated 'she is having a grand-mal, call 911'. So that is how it went, then the ER doc did not want to admit me, my Aunt said 'Doc would you send you're loved one home like that?' He shook his head no so they admitted me. Finally after 5 hours these things stopped and after they shot me up with who knows what I was finally able to sleep. I spent 4 days in and finally day by day they slowed down. The docs there said they were from stress I was not dealing with, although I knew my Grammie was gonna be with Jesus when she passed she was 94 yrs old. I have no stress and they keep telling me I need to see a therapist. Whatever it is that happens(and I do not beleive that these are anything but seizures)I don't think they know so they are calling them pseudoseizures. When these things happen I have dificulty walking, my perspective is out, things look bigger than they are, and the walls look like they are breathing. I am going to see my PCP this week and see bout getting a second opinion, what else can I do??

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Steve,You have my ... (Below threshold)

January 18, 2010 3:58 PM | Posted, in reply to Steve's comment, by Lisa: | Reply


You have my sympathy. Our 14 year old son who has a hx of petit mal seizures though was seizure free for 2 years, began passing out in Oct. 09. We saw many Drs. and had many tests, cardiologist, tilt table test, MRi, Neurology, Eplileptologist and so on. These events began turning into falling and his body seizing. He was seen at ER 5x and finally hosp. for 4-5days with EEG and video monitoring. Numerous events while in Hosp. but no EEG activity to indicate a true epileptic seizure. Diagnosis of conversion disorder. He's missed 4-5 weeks of school. Did improve after release from hosp and being told not seizures. Referred to Psychiatrist and Psychologist for testing/ meds. On anti-depressant and anti-anxiety at Bed time. Has fallen down stairs 4 x but not hurt much. Very scary and frustrating. These new Drs. have been great. Our Psychiatrist is contacting Mayo as our son is still falling/seizing and we may go there. This has been the most difficult thing in my life, waiting for the "thud" and wondering if he's o.k. Prior to this he seemed to have it all, good friends, playing football and Lacrosse and now it's difficult to get him through a day of school. I hope you find help and answers. Keep looking. I'll write in again to update.

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Hi, my daughtet starting ha... (Below threshold)

June 7, 2010 2:28 AM | Posted by Pat: | Reply

Hi, my daughtet starting haveing fainting spells in Nov. 09 and as weeks past it occured more often. After visits with 3 different cardiologists, tilt table tests, she was sent to a nuerologist. He did an EEG and it was positive, so he diagnosed it as seizures. She continued and after a few more fainting spells she starting shaking like seizures cause. In April she had 8 seizures one day daily, transfferd to Tx childrens hosp. she was diagnosed with pseudoseizures, and was taken off the seizure meds.
she was sent to group therapy and there was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, adding to her depression diagnose from the hospital. She is now still going to theraoy, but continues to seize. What upsets me is that at times when she does not get her way, she has probably learned how to stress herself purposely to provoke a seizure. She will text her cousin or friend when she starts to feel sick but wont call me. It is going to be very difficult if she does not cocoperate with her care, I am also after her to take her meds. I am trying to get her to see a seizure specialist at tx childrens, lets keep posting our finding and hopefully someone will good answers to all these problems.

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I started having extreme mi... (Below threshold)

November 23, 2010 3:20 PM | Posted by Sonja: | Reply

I started having extreme migraines last year which I took Excederin and they would go away. Fast forward 3 months, my husband was on his way home and I was preparing breakfast for my 2 year old son when I fell like a stack of cards in the kitchen.

The room was spinning and my eyes were fluttering and tearing. I couldn't talk, think, or control the shaking. I managed to crawl to my bedroom, without my son seeing and called my mom. I lost the ability to speak but I heard and knew what was happening. I found my phone and dialed my mom who lives 5 minutes away. When she came over I was on the floor shaking, tearing, eyes fluttering, and hitting my head against the floor. We went to the emergecy room and I had the MRI and EEG. The ER Dr found nothing and he thought I was crazy. I was pumped with morphine and sent home.

Fast forward 4 months and I had another "episode" in my Primary Care Dr's office. Back to the hospital and I was seen by a Neurologist. She said I was having Pseudoseizures and this is common in "older" women after having children. So I was informed to lose weight, stop drinkinging, and eat a healthier diet. I was monitored for 6 months, given meds and everything was fine.

So fine we decided to stop the meds because I lost 40lbs and taking better care of myself.

So I thought, 2 weeks ago I started having the headaches and experiencing the long dazes. Friday, began the "episode" marathon that I am still experiencing. I have never been physically or sexually abused. I'm not depressed or have underlying sadness. I'm a happy 37 yr old women that is watching my life slip away from me.

My husband is stressed, my mom is worried, and I'm tired of feeling like I'm out of control. I want ANSWERS! I am on pills to regulate the "episodes" but they make me tired and I still have the "episdode" but not as bad.

I feel for everyone who is affected by this "disease" for lack of a better word. If it were cancer or a heart attack people would be more understanding, but they hear "pseudo" and they treat you like your trying to get attention. I'm praying God has a plan but right now it's getting harder and harder.

Good luck everyone and I am praying for all of you.

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I am 14 and since the age o... (Below threshold)

February 3, 2011 2:55 PM | Posted by -: | Reply

I am 14 and since the age of 11 I have suffered from these ‘seizures’, which can last longer than one hour. Mine only occur at school and can happen up to twice a day. I miss so much work and no one seems to understand. I find it really hard to talk to my parents about it and I have to see a psychologist but I can’t connect with her either. I just want it to go away and be ‘normal’ again; I don’t think anyone really understands until they experience it. If you have any other tips I would love to hear them, as I don't no where to go next. I spend hours every week researching about them on the internet as no one has given me a proper explanation. Please help and give me any advice. Thank you so much please contact me on [email protected] if you have any tips.

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i am 14 years old and it wi... (Below threshold)

February 6, 2011 9:03 AM | Posted by britt: | Reply

i am 14 years old and it will be two years november 9 scince i was having "sezures" and they were only happing at school so i went to my nuroligist in greenvile and all she did was walk in look at me and walk out wouldnt be able to talk to her so we went to duke childrenes hospital they amittied me i i was dignosied with non epilectic sezures ......... doctors say that i dont know when they are coming on that i will just pass out.... its gotting to a pont were im bacically failing 8th grade ... this year i have hit the concrete pretty bad and had to be rushed to the hosptal....then they say it can be my blood pressure and onastly i think the doctors think because they are not seizures i dont have to help her any one know of any docters in nc that can help me with this would be grat ........ i just wanna be a helth teenager who can play sports

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I've visited your internet ... (Below threshold)

February 23, 2011 10:37 AM | Posted by electric razor: | Reply

I've visited your internet site a couple of times in the past and I have to say that this article is 1 of the rather best so far. Excellent job!

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on may 5th 2011,i recieved ... (Below threshold)

October 19, 2011 9:09 PM | Posted by paula: | Reply

on may 5th 2011,i recieved depo medrol for allergies about 4pm.i went to bed at 10pm,dosed off to sleep.i woke up screaming thrashing around in bed,and jerking to the right.i could not speak but could hear everything people were saying.911 was called.my daughter stated that i was having what looked liked a sezure about every five minutes.i could not walk,could not grip on comma and.i was told by er doctor that i had an allergic reaction to depo medrol ,gave me ativan and sent me home.i did see my primary md and she did not think it came from the injection.she made an appointment with a nuerologist,but while waiting i continued to sezuise three or four times a day.my family got me dressed took me in to see primary md.i had what the doctor said a full blown sezure right before her eyes where i became unresponsive an 911 was called.i have beened admitted to 4 hospitals,eeg,ekg,mri,and cat scans,which all came back negative.i do no when i am about to have a spell because i have an aura of smoke burning.i me to sign up for longdo not feel stessed at all.has beeened out of work since may,an the doctor has advised me to sign up for longterm diasibility.some doctors says sezures,some say psysdosezeres.please help.my life has been put on hold

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I was just release from th... (Below threshold)

April 19, 2012 9:18 PM | Posted by Oklaangels: | Reply

I was just release from the hospital and diagnose With this disorder I hate they way they treat. When they tell you the be come cold. Standoffish

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Hey Sonja, how are you doin... (Below threshold)

July 22, 2012 5:32 AM | Posted, in reply to Sonja's comment, by Robbie: | Reply

Hey Sonja, how are you doing nowadays?

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... (Below threshold)

August 24, 2012 1:46 AM | Posted, in reply to kimberly's comment, by Anonymous: | Reply

My name is shelly,I have been suffering from seizured since I was nine. Doed any onw loosr yhere

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Hi My son also diagnosed wi... (Below threshold)

January 28, 2013 8:40 AM | Posted, in reply to Steve's comment, by mary: | Reply

Hi My son also diagnosed with Tourettes which I doubt and began seizures as college approached. Now unable to attend his last semester of college due to pseudo-seizures. What has been your journey since this post? Thanks.

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I am an epileptic and have ... (Below threshold)

March 5, 2013 2:10 PM | Posted by West: | Reply

I am an epileptic and have been through trying so many meds to get to a better place- granted I still live in a place that views epilepsy as either a "developmental disorder" ('you belong on the short bus') or requiring my demons be exorcised. Yours is the first place I have seen reference to alexithymia in any context, although I have heard this described by other epileptics I know feeling it is a side effect of their meds.

my EEGs and MRIs have never found much, but they never pushed my environment/med or sleep deprivation either.I know when a bad one happens and when its over, i'm on the floor, mouth bleeding, sometimes fingers too -when I started having them and found i could not close my eyes it became reflexive to put my hands on my face and try to pull my eyelids down- not good as i would bite my hands and not notice until too late. I would get a thought stuck in my brain from earlier in the day or 10 years ago or whenever totally random that would repeat like a broken record. line of a song or tv show or sentence- not a bad one per se, just random. and stuck. a neuroscience student told me once it was like when an audience is applauding and all the claps start to sync up.
It's easier because I live with a helpful spouse and am on meds that work now, for most part.

but i could bear it all if it wasn't for, since I've had them, I have been found to be such a horrible, detached person. I have been told I have a problem with everyone I come into contact with and push them all away when I try to work out simple relationship-type interactions like an email or cup of coffee. But I am usually feeling happy on the inside? or something? it's so confusing because I can't show it. Everyone tells me I look consistently pissed off all the time. That may just be aesthetic.

anyway I have been reading since someone shared the link (psych major in college so this is all quite addictive) and did not think you would have a seizure post here. Thank you for some light cast on one of the darkest corners of my brain, and I hope I never have to use it as a crutch, just more information to get better.

*small note to a comment I see above me: I was diagnosed in college as well.

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Hi, my name is Gina and I h... (Below threshold)

June 4, 2013 8:59 PM | Posted, in reply to Sonja's comment, by Giina: | Reply

Hi, my name is Gina and I have had non-epileptic seizures for 11 years almost everyday, since I was T-boned in a car accident. Brain injury, headaches, migraines, etc. etc. I take ativan and a muscle relaxer when it comes on. If I can't, my husband does it for me. The seizures have changed over the years. I am conscious. I used to flop and shake like a fish out of water, now I mostly freeze up=painful. Did EMDR and brain spotting. I too wish I knew what the answer was. God bless you all for hanging in there.

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I suffered severe reactions... (Below threshold)

February 15, 2014 10:32 PM | Posted, in reply to Meredith's comment, by Anonymous: | Reply

I suffered severe reactions to prednisone that caused a major psychologic break and a major series of psudosezures. I do not want to post my story on here, but feel free to email me. My records were used in a new study.

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My name jason I star... (Below threshold)

May 10, 2014 7:19 AM | Posted by Jason: | Reply

My name jason
I started having seizures while I was in hospitals cause I had prednisone way back my body shacking the doctor said it's partly the brain I got it in 2010. The nurse was kinda not during well I said to her listen my lungs that's when I started having seizures it's called non event seizures with my head went side

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On diagonisis phychatrist a... (Below threshold)

June 19, 2014 12:23 PM | Posted by Anonymous: | Reply

On diagonisis phychatrist and neurologist said it is pseudosezure to my sister she is 18 now first attack was when she was 16 it nearly lasted for 1 year and stopped after one year it continued...now she is taking some drug like leavocetrazine...please suggest what is the best way of treatment....

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I am 32 with 5 kids and mar... (Below threshold)

July 21, 2014 2:34 PM | Posted by Kristin: | Reply

I am 32 with 5 kids and married. My first episodes occurred 5 years ago . I had the work up done psychologist neurologists /even cardiologist visits. I am a healthy and normal person. After 4 years of being episode free, I experienced another. It started with some back pain that caused me to bend forward. Then I got light headed and dizzy. What occurred next is what I describe as slow running faucet turning off. Everything got cloudy and vision was blurred. Everything in my body just stopped working. Muscles went limp my nck fell to the side. My jaw locked down and my tongue was stuck to the roof of my mouth. The weird thing was my hearing was amplified. I stared off into space. And very sleepy, eyes kept closing. When the eyes closed I would get tremors in my legs that could not be controlled. It caused tense muscles and no control. People would ask me simple questions but it was if my brain wasn't sending the signal to the mouth to speak I was just blank. When medics were called I knew that they. Tried "awaken" me through pokes prods and other things that are suppose to wake someone. I just couldn't respond. Do you know how frustrating it is for the medics to threaten that a cathder will be placed if I don't respond? I couldn't do anything to stop them! After a few hours the feeling returns slowly and besides being exhausted I m back to normal. Sent home with diagnosis psuedo seizure. Next day I feel like I have been hit by a bus. Groggy. Tired ,and very week. I have just learned to deal with it and done asking medical drs why? It's just a speedbump in my path of life.

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I've been diagnosed with PN... (Below threshold)

September 9, 2014 9:23 PM | Posted, in reply to Anonymous's comment, by Caitlin: | Reply

I've been diagnosed with PNES or psychogenic non-epileptic seizures after taking a four day prescription of Prednisone. I also have chronic migraines, depression and mood swings. I had to drop out of grad school, lost my job, and am still trying to get on disability. The event occured a year and a half ago and I still have symptoms and just left a top of the line Epilepsy center. Prednisone has temporarily ruined my life, and the worst is not knowing physically how. Please email me if you have a similar experience with Prednisone.

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