September 5, 2006

Ritalin Doesn't Cause Cancer(?)

Supplement to this earlier post:  Ritalin Causes Cancer?

Follow-up study from a different group finds no clastogenic effect of Ritalin:

In summary, MPH was found to be non-genotoxic in all bacterial assays reported [5] and [8], in all in vitro mammalian assays conducted in compliance with current guidelines (5, present study) and in two in vivo bone-marrow micronucleus studies (5, present study).

It sounds like the El Zein study was a fluke (and thank God, too.)

But it doesn't resolve my main point: how is the average psychiatrist going to know about these findings? Is there a mechanism for new information?  Is there somewhere, hell, even a blog or listserv, where psychiatrists can at least get the headlines of important articles?  But that requires someone to write this all up, and I don't know anyone who has that amount of funding or time to spend on such an endeavor.