October 23, 2006

How To Get Rich In Psychiatry (update on stocks)

Hi. On 9/25 I recommended 5 stocks.  Here's where we stand one month later:

BRK.B    3123   3333 +210 (7%)
SHLD     160   180    +20   (13%)
GOOG    404     480  +76   (19%)
USO        56      52   -4   (-7%)
COP        57      61   +4   (7%)
AAPL       76      81   +5   (7%)


For comparison, the S&P rose 4% during this month.   

So there you go.  And, for the record, I now own only GOOG and BRK.  USO should continue to fall (and so should consequently, COP) until either it gets really, really cold outside, or until April (it is cyclical, after all.)  But when USO goes up, GOOG should go down. 

And USO is a winning play over the next decade. I can only be sure of that with SHLD and BRK. 

In case anyone cares at all, I also own AKAM; I'll be buying back AAPL this week; and I'm looking at ATI.   These should be solid plays until Christmas, though I'm expecting some sort of massive retracement this week.