December 22, 2006

Christmas Break

I'm off for two weeks, taking the opportunity to upgrade the computers/monitors and plan my next move.  I will also be starting another blog under another alias.  I'll reveal it as mine if it takes off.

Also, to all those who emailed me about the Time Person of the Year post: thanks; it wasn't Photoshop but MS Paint; I have nothing against Grossman at all, I loved his King piece, the piece wasn't about Grossman, it was about us, society, our purposeful alienation from each other; I changed the screen to blue to reference the Blue Screen of Death; no, "Go Fuck Yourself" wasn't supposed to be (only) mean, it was a double entendre: narcissism--> self love--> "Go Fuck Yourself." 


I think I got busy and forg... (Below threshold)

December 26, 2006 5:00 PM | Posted by BOTDA: | Reply

I think I got busy and forgot to let you know that your site has won a Blo gof the Day Award for today.

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