December 5, 2006


Just thought you should know:

There are about 1200 murder-suicides per year (i.e. 500-600 suicides by the person who just killed someone else).

75% involve the boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse; 96% of the murderers are males (duh)

92% involve guns 

92% occur in the house of the victim

There is an average 6 year age difference between the murderer and his victim.  Risk increases with widening age difference.

23% of murder-suicides (say, about 130), the murderer is 55 or older.  Contrast this with the general homicide rate by 55 year olds: 5% 

Contrast this with the suicide statistics in the general population,  and I think you'll agree that there are an amazingly high number of people dying at the hands of their idiot boyfriends/husbands.     "You don't understand, I loved her, I'd do anything for her, and she lied, slept around-- all that time meant nothing to her-- she wouldn't listen!  How can she just take what we had and just throw it away?  It doesn't make any sense!" 

The societal question is what has happened to many men that they are unable to define themselves, or affirm their value, except through another person.  And "love"-- or its distortion-- and aggression are closely linked in such people.  But that's narcissism, and it's the disease of our times.  

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