February 4, 2008

Probably Not The Best Lesson, But One Of The Few I Know

She's 4, and she's sobbing and chasing her brother, five, around the room.  "Stop!" she yells, "stop!  I'm trying to tell you something!  Stop!"

He's giggling, running away from her, he thinks its fun, a game.  Laughing so much he's drooling.

"Stop!!!!" hysterically.

I'm exhausted, exasperated, from another day in middle management hell, where everything is urgent and nothing is important.  "What's going on up here?  What's wrong with you?"

"He won't stop--!"  She's still after him.

"Baby, you can't chase him around. You have to learn about how to handle little boys, you can't chase them, you have to stay in one place and then they'll want to come to you."

And her eyes say ? but she statue-freezes, a temporary hold on tears.  She looks straight ahead.

True to destiny, her brother, still giggling, stops, turns, comes bouncing back, stopping within inches of her, staring into her eyes, smiling, waiting to see what's next--

and as she sees him come, a smile like a sunrise breaks through, as she starts to learn about power...