April 9, 2008

Time Magazine Stays Out Of the Election

Look at the page for three seconds only.  Guess which party Time favors?

time candidates.JPG

Some things to observe:

The "Yes" vs. "No" impact visual impact.  Questions could easily have been phrased another way to generate "No" Democrat responses and "Yes" Republican (e.g. "Should the Bush tax cuts be maintained?")

The quotes underneath the candidates photos seem to starkly contrast the candidate's different philosophies. See how McCain's answer seems out of touch?   Notice the questions aren't published, only the quotes.  Do you know why?  Because they're not asked the same question.  The Democrats are answering questions about the housing crisis, while McCain's quote actually comes from a speech to the Orange County Hispanic Small Business Association.  You can see that in that speech, there are a number of quotes that could have been used that specifically relate to the housing crisis; instead, they picked one that has nothing to do with housing.   So it appears he thinks abandoning the AMT is his solution to the housing crisis.  "Stupid Republicans all think cutting taxes is the solution to everything."

Not fair, Time Magazine.


Addendum: I wrote to the editor about a week ago.  No response.