July 8, 2008

What Did You (Not) Do In 2008?

To the twenty-somethings out there:

Twenty years from now, when you look back on this year:

you had ideas

And you had youth and energy

you had interest rates so low they were negative relative to inflation-- you could borrow money at literally no cost.

and a ready made excuse in case of failure-- Oh, I was young then

and little responsibility, no family

You had the internet-- global distribution or marketing, for free
    information on anything, for free

And then the time passes.

At least you got your file ready for the promotions committee.  At least you got that summer job that'll look good on your college application.  At least you watched the whole season of Grey's Anatomy and only vomited twice.

I'm sure, in twenty years, it will have been worth it.

Stop trying to figure out what you want to do with your life, and just do something with it.