September 8, 2008

David Duchovny Does Not Exist


I read in People Magazine that David Duchovny entered a rehab for sex addiction.  (I lie: I saw it on

Duchovny's characters have often had this dark sexual side: Mulder's main outlet was porn;  the transvestite FBI agent on Twin Peaks,  the Red Shoe Diaries.  And he's been accused of sex addiction 10 years ago (before he was married.)  (He denied it.)

The timing is either coincidental or ironic, or neither: season 2 of Californication-- his show about a sex addict, starts September 28.

Which then begs the questions:  is this

  1. who he is, and chooses roles (or is able to do certain roles) based on his personality?
  2. not who he is, but becomes it because of repeated exposure to these roles? 
  3. not who he is, but is using this as a publicity stunt?


  1. then his core identity is strong, and can only excel in roles where art imitates (his) life
  2. core identity weak, but would be a good actor in diverse roles as well OR could be a better actor by immersing himself in a character OR he (and Tea) should be careful of the roles he chooses
  3. core identity strong, Hollywood's products need every bit of help they can get

The image is not the real, but only a representation.   But if there is no real, then that representation becomes the real.

I don't know whether he is a sex addict/good actor/strong personality, or not. But as I've said before, everyone must ultimately choose who they are, or else it will get chosen for you.


I choose Tea.... (Below threshold)

September 8, 2008 12:56 PM | Posted by charlie h0tel: | Reply

I choose Tea.

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Aren't most actors unusual ... (Below threshold)

September 8, 2008 2:54 PM | Posted by Joseph Bergevin: | Reply

Aren't most actors unusual in regard to ego? It's primarily a career about getting attention. Who knows who they really are? As a group, they're adept at adopting different personas, which would seem to discount the authenticity of human interaction. Personality and emotion are roles which most people learn to act out as well, but without as much deliberation. Aside from the overly neurotic, most of us are unaware of our daily acting. It's hard enough being one person, let alone dozens.

I also see the hazard in becoming wealthy enough that you're allowed to disconnect your actions from your success. Michael Jackson as a postal employee wouldn't have had the liberation from reality needed to become so creepy. Gotta pay the rent.

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Rather than consuming a lar... (Below threshold)

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