September 27, 2008

The Women Of Lipstick Jungle Are The Same Age As Rachel From Friends

A quick observation on the premiere of Lipstick Jungle:

Has anyone noticed the age of characters in TV shows nowadays is older then it was, say, 10 years ago? 

Think back to, say, Friends-- 20 somethings.  Then Sex and The City-- 30 somethings.  And now Lipstick Jungle, 40 somethings.  "But that reflects the age of the viewers, they feature 40 year old actress because that's the age of the viewer-- or vise versa."

Agreed; but the 40 year old who is watching now was in their 20s when they watched Friends.

This isn't TV targeting a specific demographic, they are actually tracking the same people, as  they age. If you're watching, it's for you.

Wait ten years-- when shows like Lipstick Jungle will be for, by, and featuring 50 year olds...