October 7, 2008

The World Is At A 52 Week Low, And The Past 10 Years Never Happened

sp500 10-7-8.JPG

In retrospect all things are obvious, but someone should marvel that today's close is merely 10 points different (lower) than the exact same date 10 years ago.  

And you have to ask whether God has built the world as zero sum-- i.e. this is the bottom-- or as a cyclical spiral-- in which case we are destined for 800.

And the rest of the world is no different.  Click "Continue" for other charts.

Oh, and pay close attention to that bottom in February 2003, and ask yourself what might have ended such a precipitous fall and coincided with the beginning of the largest bull run in history. 

I'm not a tin foil hat nut, but I'll reveal something about myself: for the very first time in my life, I am scared.

world 10 year charts.JPG

Meanwhile, the dollar took a round trip, and even lost a little:

usd to eur.JPG

Gold caught a triple:

gold prices.JPG