June 29, 2009

It's Either Narcissism Or Dementia

Michael Jackson's father gets interviewed.

I'm not making a diagnosis here, I've never heard him talk except in this interview, he could be so overcome with grief that he's not thinking straight...

... so allowing for that, observe how he makes the interview about himself.  Narcissism doesn't mean you think you're the greatest person on earth, but rather that all things in the world are relevant only as they impact you.

CNN interviewer: The father of Michael Jackson, Joe Jackson joins us here tonight.  How are you doing, sir, how is the family holding up?

I'm great.  My family's doing pretty good.

CNN: Yeah?

Joe: Yes they are.

The last couple of days have been really tough...

Joe: ... yes, it has been tough, really tough.  Remember, we just lost the biggest superstar in the world.

CNN: How is Mrs. Jackson?

Joe: She's fine, thank you.

CNN, clearly stumped
:  umm... is there anything you'd like to share with the world about your son and his legacy?

Joe: Yeah, I've got a statement here... give me this statement.. (publicist reads this statement while he watches:)

"Our family sincerely thanks all of you around the world for your love and support during our time of grief.  Our beloved son Michael Jackson loved you all. Michael's children are our first priority. We will have further announcements to discuss our plans going forward. Until such time however, we have the personal and legal authority to act and solely Katherine and I have authority for our son and his children. We wish to handle his memory and legacy with dignity"...

CNN: How are Janet, and your wife, and the rest of your family, the daughters?

Joe: They're all doing fine.  But I want to make this statement.  This is a real good statement here.  Marshall and I, we own a record company called... tell him... (Marshall finishes:) "Ranch Records, it's distributed by Blue Ray, and that's his next step."

CNN: That's the next step.