October 26, 2009

The New York Yankees: Mission Accomplished


The House that George built.

Sure, now that the Yankees are in the World Series I want them to succeed, I'm a New Yorker after all, and I certainly don't want to see them lose, humiliated, or suffer injuries.  But in all honesty, we have no right to be there.  We have no business going to the Series-- we got there on a series of false pretenses and bullying, facilitated by an impotent League that allowed us to get away with all kinds of manipulations and distortions.  The reality is that Georgey has turned the Yankees into a rogue team.  He's squandered the respect and goodwill of the fans all in pursuit of his own agenda of dominance. 

I hate to say this, but we simply don't deserve to win.

The Yankees have made some serious mistakes in the League, and they've never taken any responsibility for them.  Yankees fans ignore the mistakes, forgive the missteps, and turn a blind eye to everything, simply because it's their team.  They conveniently forget the 80s, the steroids, the domestic violence, the racism.  They're nothing but fans. 

The reporters are equally to blame, they have completely given up on objectivity.  Ever since they were allowed to travel with the players and enter their lockerrooms, they've become extensions of the teams.  They seem objective, but all they care about is maintaining their privileged access to the players, and if that means doing a fluff piece on A-Rod boning Kate Hudson instead of looking into Congressional perjury charges, well...  It's sickening, we should be ashamed, but we're not.  And they call Erin Andrews a reporter?  She gives new meaning to the word embedded.   They use her breasts to hide the fact that she's just a cheerleader which I realize doesn't make any sense, but that's what's stuck in my head.  You know?

No one seems at all concerned that the guys who call the games are all former players and coaches.  No one calls them out on the obvious conflict of interests.  You read about a game or listen to it on the radio, you think you're getting objective information, but how do you know?  "Strike 3!"  Really?

No one seems surprised that the national newspaper of record is called the New York Times.  Hello?  Is anybody getting this?   I'm sure the Houston Chronicle has a different perspective, but we deliberately suppress other viewpoints.  I challenge you to even find a copy of the Houston Chronicle anywhere in the city.   Try and write a story about how power is being transferred from Steinbrenner to his sons, and see if you're ever allowed in a ballpark again.  So much for discourse.  So much for dissent. 

Most Yankees fans are completely blind to the fact that the rest of the world hates us. 

If nothing else, the Yankees have been guilty of arrogance.  What makes us so great?   That we have more money to spend on their team?  We may have a superior record, but that has to be looked at in the context of our ability to spend more money.  The Yankees can just buy whatever talent they need.  And Yankees aren't smarter or more sophisticated than other players, they just have better equipment, better facilities.  How the hell are the Mariners going to compete?  It rains there constantly.   The Yankees are just steroid fueled schoolyard bullies.  The Yankees are the United States of baseball.

Funny how while we're busy destroying every other team, we ignore the fact that our players all come from those other teams.  It's not like we have any native talent, we're a ballclub of  immigrants.  But you won't hear that on ESPN.

Let's not forget a fundamental truth: yes, we're New Yorkers and we love the Yankees, but that's an accident of history.  If we had been born elsewhere-- if we were born in Houston, we'd be Astros fans, and every time a Yankee got pulled over for a DUI or got their head taken off by an errant fastball we'd ejaculate in our pants.

If we want to be respected throughout the world, not just feared, we have to come together, come to understand that we're not just Yankees, but baseball fans, and we have to respect that unity above all.

Look, what happened in 2001 obviously was a tragedy.  Of course I'm not saying I'm happy Arizona decimated us 4 games to 3, I'm not saying I want it to happen again, I'm not saying we deserved it, but... I understand.