February 22, 2012

The Father That Shot His Daughter's Computer

facebook dad.JPG
it succeeded

I.  "I'd love for you to write about the dad who shot his daughter's computer because she posted something nasty on Facebook. "

This one's easy.  He's insane.  How do you work in IT but it takes you hours, let alone hundreds of dollars, to upgrade a laptop?  Doesn't he know you just pick up an unattended one at Starbucks?  I got a MacBook Pro with a OccupyMyPants bumber sticker on it.  Sweet.

He's the Dad, he's held to a higher standard.  What was his intention?  To change her behavior?  But there were a million ways he could have done this, including reading that letter and shooting that laptop in front of her and not in front of other people.  Would he have dared?  But the very point of the operation was the video. 

The mistake is thinking that he was trying to shame her into improving. That never works, it simply reinforces that outward appearances matter more than what's true, which not coincidentally is the very purpose of facebook. 

But never mind that, look carefully at what Cat-5 Tex revealed about her that was so shameful: nothing.  She never appeared in the video.  Her terrible facebook post that he read was already on facebook for all to see, we learned nothing new about her, all the information we learned was about him.  He was repairing his own image as the kind of father who'd have the kind of daughter who'd do this-- this being not her goddam behavior (after all, he had lived with her and her goddam behavior a goodly number of years without incident) but her publicizing her behavior.   He was shamed not by her behavior but Facebook revealing it, which is why Facebook had to die.  If he was Muslim they'd have called it an honor killing.

Is she going to change?  Not likely, and it's not evident what about her needs to change except her address.  No, I don't mean she has to flee, I mean she has to grow up, so does he, both of the dummies involved violated one of the cardinal rules of family: don't disparage someone in the family to someone outside the family.  If you need me to explain this you are a terrible person.

II.  Uh oh, why is there a II?

Here is a thought experiment: how would you feel if you found out this video was a hoax? 

Why were you so passionate about the video? Now that time's passed, it hardly seems like it was worth the energy.  But at the time it was urgent that you expressed either one of the two approved opinions:

"Kids today are so goddam spoiled.  When I was their age I had to work, now all they do is play video games..."

Who bought them the video game?  What did you think they were going to do with it?  Trade it for a calculus tutor? 

Who spoils them?  Maybe you're not to blame if they turn to meth, but who else could be to blame if they're spoiled?

"The problem with kids today..." Stop right there, I'll finish:  is parents today.  Parents today suck.   I've checked.  The Illuminati let me see the CCTV from every American household and in all of them everyone is in separate rooms staring at a glowing lie.

Do you have a child who is like that guy's daughter?  Then you're an idiot, not for having such a child but for diverting energy to support of that guy, in the same way that the reason your wife left you is the porn.  It's not the from-behind action, it's the neglect.   I know you are not going to believe this, but the reason your child is trouble is that you support that man.     "I don't understand kids today."  Tell me if I'm close: "You need to study to go to college, major in business, get a job working for a salary and if something goes wrong let the government you hate so much cover your medical, disability, and retirement needs.  Saturdays are for yard work.  Sundays are for church and football."  Sound right?  Kinda surprising that they'd want a different future, and that's why your kid smokes weed but calls it pot.

"That father is a narcissistic jerk!"

Why so serious?  Think about how little rage you feel for the 99% prevalence of incest in an inner city.  Let me check your facebook, see if that sexual abuse didn't prompt an all caps comment.  Hmm.  No.  "I'm not that angry about the dad..."  Rage isn't about quantity, but about certainty.

"So I can't have an opinion about this?" Of course you can, there's value in that and you've discussed this video with lots of people, I'm sure.  Did you discuss this with your parents or your kid?  That should have been your first thought.  Did you sit your Dad or your Mom or your 15 year old down and say, "I'm going to show you something and I want you to honestly tell me your thoughts, random, unfiltered, and I swear to you I will treat you like a human being and listen and not get defensive and angry like I always do every time we talk about something that reveals you to be something other than what I see in you."  Because that would be an illuminating conversation. 

This is the point: it didn't occur to you to do this.  It occurred to you to voice your opinion publicly to anonymous strangers, but not directly to people that matter.  That's what you've been trained to do, that's where your priorities have been taught to be.  That's the Matrix.  You're not thinking about your child's development, you're being tricked into thinking about your identity while the system uses you as a battery.  No Red Pill for you.  And no Red Pill for your kids, either.


How do you think you came across this enraging video of a red state psychopath with a .45 and .NET certification?  If you're watching it, it's for you.

How do you think you found this video of a decent Father resisting the AP Obama Studies his disrespectful daughter learned in those liberal public schools?  If you're watching it, it's for you.

It's not completely your fault.  The system is much bigger than you, it is a spirit;  and you think you stand defensively because you were taught to think that the deep insight is that it's selling to you, telling you what to love or what to hate when it is actually telling you how to love and how to hate, not what to be but how to be.  It nudges you towards the binary extremes so it is easier to control you. It wants you to have opinions, it wants you to "pick sides", "get involved", "take a stand."   It doesn't want you to be indifferent, it wants you to love or to hate, rage or lust, so you feel alive-- but always your strongest passions focused on the irrelevant.  "That Dad is awesome!"  Then you'll vote Romney and the system has won, not because it wants Romney but because it wants to minimize your political involvement to voting.  That shows you care; and if you really care you'd vote in local elections, too; and for the really active among you, why not donate your time to the campaigns?  Grass roots!  But the only thing that comes from grass roots is grass, and it doesn't really need your help.  It just needs you not to have the time to consider planting something else.