June 12, 2007

FTAC: Forensics Gone Awry, And I told You So

Following from my premise that the erosion of civil liberties and descent into fedualism necessarily coincides with the rise of psychiatry, I found a short article in the Economist, the magazine of record of the Whig Party, which explains that British Government runs a "Fixated Threat Assessment Centre," i.e. capturing stalkers.  It has 4 cops, and a forensic psychiatrist and psychologist.

You probably think that the shrinks are "profilers."  Maybe they are.  But their real value is in their  power to do what cops can't: involuntarily commit people who they feel are dangerous.    Quoting the Economist:

The Met [cops] defines its [suspects] as those who are "abnormally preoccupied with certain ideas or people."  The inclusion of "ideas" gives it wide remit.  Could those abnormally pre-occupied with the idea of jihad-- or, indeed, human rights-- be considered fixated individuals?

Disclosure: I actually think this is clever-- why not tap the legal resources of psychiatrists to help catch bad guys?  But that's exactly the point: no one should have the ability to use that power extra-psychiatrically. It's seductive and it has no recourse for appeal, no controls.

The article goes on to state the FTAC has been operating for 8 months with no official announcement; it won't say how many people it has caught or tried; and, of course, it can't, because of confidentiality of the "patients." 

Good luck, everybody. 


I thought they would do the... (Below threshold)

June 12, 2007 7:45 PM | Posted by Mark (p.s.2): | Reply

I thought they would do the shrink thing on the Guantanamo bay prisoners to justify holding them without trial.

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I think the problem is that... (Below threshold)

June 14, 2007 9:58 AM | Posted by Pluribus: | Reply

I think the problem is that by now all criminals can be categorized as mad. Though, not all people categorized as mad are criminals, though often treated like them.

People should be judged on their actions as it pertains to the legal system, not to the ever expanding catch all criteria that appears to be sweeping psychiatry.

Really, psychiatry needs to relinquish its powers of incarceration and forced medication, otherwise it will always be open to abuse of power.

The other approach is to just accept that psychiatry is an extension of the police force, the thought crime division if you will. Have all the criteria for any psychiatric disorder published and bought under the auspice of law, along with the medications and the time people will spend in a psych jail relating to each matched criteria.

I can only imagine we will all have good fun, getting people we disagree with committed to such facilities. We could call the young division of people who send their parents to psych jails, the 'Psychiatric Youth'.

Perhaps, a change of flag would be required as well. Off with the red, white and blue. And how about instead, just off the top of my head, a spear with a snake entwined around it, positioned over the Greek symbol for the human spirit, a sort of metaphor for the piercing of the human spirit.

I am sure a few would welcome these new/outed psychiatric overlords, I do hope they get a good looking uniform.

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Well it would appear that t... (Below threshold)

June 16, 2007 8:16 AM | Posted by CitizenOfLoudon: | Reply

Well it would appear that the UK is willing to lower the bar even further. Instead of just psychiatrists having the mystical power of precrime detection in isolation, it may decide that this particular power of beyond Nietzschian proportions should be extended to all government workers.


For of course we all know that all government workers are above committing any crime, and would be particularly good at foreseeing the future.

It is just a leaked document for now, but it does appear that the UK is hurtling towards a totalitarian state.

Quite ironically George Orwell's house in London that he wrote 1984 in, has within 200 yards of it 32 CCTV cameras, that is about a camera every 12.5 sq yards. And when one considers that is all crammed into street space the density jumps considerably.

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Re: the latest piece of con... (Below threshold)

June 19, 2007 7:23 AM | Posted by Not Crazy Bob: | Reply

Re: the latest piece of control lust from the UK government, as reported in the Times link above.

Oh f**k.

It is the people who propose and support this madness who should be locked up, without review.

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Just came across this site.... (Below threshold)

August 10, 2007 11:25 PM | Posted by Not Crazy Either: | Reply

Just came across this site.
Love it!

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Ref: FTAC (premptive sectio... (Below threshold)

September 17, 2007 10:15 AM | Posted by Tim Baber: | Reply

Ref: FTAC (premptive sectioning)

Google fjl and npd

Then for source material:
Google Streams of Consciousness for relevant individual

Google PPOG or P2OG for a lethal proactive equivalent

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Please cut and paste this l... (Below threshold)

May 27, 2008 7:28 PM | Posted by Tim Baber: | Reply

Please cut and paste this link into your browser:


Coding rules often frustrate clicking on it apparently,

it is about someone of interest to the UK Police's Fixated Threat Assessment Centre, if only for elimination purposes of course.

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That link above worked well... (Below threshold)

May 27, 2008 7:34 PM | Posted by Tim Baber: | Reply

That link above worked well, didn't it! It usually gets mangled, the last psychiatrist web site has really done it properly this time.

OK, so go to http://www.msbnews.co.uk click on "Latest news"

[this takes you to http://web.mac.com/beachhutman - an oasis of calm in a mad world]

click on "blog" then click on "Go to the archive" at the bottom. some way down the blog postings is the link to "THIS IS ENGLAND" will get you the full story.

Sorry about that, I have been apologising to everyone who links to it ever since.

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<a href="http://web.mac.com... (Below threshold)

November 21, 2008 9:59 PM | Posted by Tim Baber: | Reply


This should work, ignore most of the earlier attempts as they were confounded by a coding complication I created by adding a sub-site, Panopticon.

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I guess that to receive the... (Below threshold)

July 17, 2010 6:46 PM | Posted by Lakisha28Callahan: | Reply

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